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Magnetic Forming



  • Pipe & Tube applied parts .
  • Automobile frame and parts .
  • Ottier industrial parts .


  • Strong frame structure provides durable design that can be used in harsh usage conditions .
  • The position control of the lower cylinder , which is important for magnetic mokJing , can be controlled up to 0.05 mm using the linear scale and servo valve without the use of a mechanical stopper device .
  • You can set the thickness and filling depth of the product .
  • Adjust the pressure and speed of the upper and lower cylinders .

Option equipment for the inprovement in the productivity and maintainalalty(additional order items)

Automatic clamping device Self holding circuit
Die lifter device Front and back safety shutter
Die change device Side safety cover
Slide positioning display Automatic upper locking device
Visual motion display Two handed starting safety device
Moving bolster Alarm patrol light
Heatirvg plate for heat molding Safety light curtain
Temperature recorder Hydraulic devices for piercing the side
Hydraulic tank temperature display Heater power circuit
Fluid automatic cooling system Remote monitoring system


NFP-300 NFP-500
Pressing Capacity TON 300 500
Lifiting Capacity TON 17 20
Slide Table Area mm 1700x900 1700x700
Bolster Area mm 1700x1100 1700x1300
Open Height mm 1600 1700
Stroke mm 600 800
Descending Speed mm/s 270 270
Pressing Speed mm/s 0.12~1.8 0.12~1.8
Ascending Speed mm/s 270 270
lower cylinders. Capacity TON 100 150
Desending Capacity TON 75 90
Lifting Capacity TON 7-140 7-200
Surface pressure adjustment mm/s 90-150 90-160
Filling depth mm/s 10-150 10-160
Ascending Speed mm/s 0-35 0-35
Descending Speed mm/s 0-50 0-50